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Happiness...it's what we do.

The vision of owning a small local business has been in my mind for over 35 years.What it was I didn’t know until a few years ago. After 20+ years in the creative marketing industry the spark was gone. I was miserable. I wanted to make people happy and there is only 1 thing in this world that brings happiness to EVERYONE….ICE CREAM!!! In 2017 the vision began to build.

After 3 years of developing a brand, look, feel, product and place Tasty Toucan opened their doors on October, 18 2020. Yes you read that correctly I opened an Ice cream shop during a pandemic headed into the winter. That is how much I wanted to bring happiness to people. If there was something that people needed in 2020 it was happiness!

From the moment you approach the door you feel happy. Walk in and it’s hard not to smile. A colorful beachy tropical vibe is fun and relaxing. We keep things exciting with simple (put your phone down and talk) games like connect four, jena, chess, and tic tac toe. Our photo op spot changes at least every 3 months, to capture that smile and memorable moment.

There is nothing worse than to go out for ice cream and have the flavor be blah and icey. If the environment and people at Tasty Toucan don’t make you happy the flavor will. We experiment, test and research what goes into our products until we find the best flavor. Our chocolate chip cookie sandwiches feature scratch made cookies from the local bakery (Peace of Cake). Our award winning Paletas (popsicle) are made with whole fruit and fresh fruit juices. Seriously you just have to try it to experience the flavor. 

And one more thing, we love parties! Especially one with ice cream! That’s why we also offer catering services. To bring you and your guests a good time and amazing dessert!

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