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We just love making you happy!
I am blessed to have been born in a place and time where fresh fruit was grown by my grandfather’s farm in Maine. I will never forget the taste of a vine ripe strawberry on the Rivard farm. My mom will never let me forget how many pairs of shorts I ruined by sitting in the strawberry rows eating those berries. At the young age of 75, he retired from strawberries and turned to blueberries. Now my children get to experience the taste of a homegrown piece of fruit. These cherished memories have driven me to share that fresh fruit flavor and happiness in a sweet, cold treat. At Tasty Toucan, we strive to use the freshest, most flavorful fruit available. 

Ice cream and pops might be a quick, cheap treat, but we see it as an opportunity to slow down, enjoy the ones you're with, and really take in the rich, genuine flavor of our ice cream and pops. I want to make sure those stopping in remember their incredible experience. An experience that you will share with your friends, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and Yelp about us - then come back to see us again on your next trip to the Eastern Shore. I also want to be sure we build real relationships with our locals, that we know more about them than just their favorite flavor. That they feel this is their place, and they make us a place to come back to for all occasions and reasons.
I recreated that feeling of a fun day at the beach and will create memories that last. A place where locals mingle with visitors and nobody feels uncomfortable even when complaining about bridge traffic. Our music is upbeat and mellow. Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffet, Zac Brown, and Bob Marley will make you bop, sway and sing. Our mission is to put a smile on your face even if it’s just for a few minutes. We want Tasty Toucan to be your happy place.
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